DMs of Vancouver

About Us

We’re two guys – Jessy Boros and Sean Hagen – who want to become better DMs. We figure the best way to do that is to sit down and talk to other DMs and pick their brain on a variety of topics.

Once a month, we’ll post an episode about being a DM. We’re mostly going to cover two types of topics: DM 101, and Advanced DM-ing.

DM 101

These are the basics. Building encounters, planning a story, running a session zero, prepping for a session, stuff like that. These are the kind of things a brand-new DM should know about to give themselves a solid footing.

Advanced DM-ing

Okay, maybe you’ve been DM-ing for a while, but you’ve still got questions. Maybe you want to dive in deeper to how to build an encounter, or maybe you want more detail on worldbuilding. Maybe you’ve got concerns about how the game is running, or how your players are responding. These topics (and many more!) are the kind of things we’ll be getting into with Advanced DM-ing.


If you’ve got a question you’d like to ask, you can get in touch in multiple ways. Reach out to us on Twitter at @dmsofvancouver, or hit us up on our Facebook group. You can even email us at dmsofvancouver AT gmail DOT com.

More On The Hosts


Jessy has been playing D&D and other tabletop games for just over a decade. He ran an partially successful campaign for about eight months before falling victim to DM fatigue. Now he hopes running this podcast will help him to a better job next time he gets behind the screen.


Sean has been a DM for little more than a year now. He’s run games in D&D, Paranoia, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, and a few other systems. A big believer that the entire job of the DM is to enhance player fun and empower awesome stories.